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Just a few of the spa techniques Massage Namaste offers!       

Spa Techniques 

 Facials and herbal masks!

energy work

 Reiki and Tui Na are just two of the healing modalities available!

Specialized masks

Promote skin health and experience softer more youthful feeling skin!


Massage can be performed without disrobing! Ask about our special chair massages!

Medical and sports massage help increase range of motion and assist soothing achy joints and muscles!

Facial scrubs and Treatments

Enhance your massage experience through total relaxation with aromatherapies targeted especially for you!


Reflexology connects the body, mind and spirit for pain relief and wellness!

What's new?

we are now authorized distributors for TheraSauna! Text 775-771-3882 to schedule a complimentary session and discover why we love them so much we have them at home ourselves! ~ Namaste! ~

Highest Quality Infrared Components Our patented StableHeat™ control system provides the most consistent range of far infrared heat. The patented TheraMitter™ heating units are made of 100% high glass content ceramic. Both the StableHeat™ system and TheraMitters™ are patented worldwide. Health Benefits Why settle for anything less than the highest standard for producing far infrared heat in the most beneficial micron range? The SpectraWave™ function allows the TheraSauna® to cycle through a specific far infrared spectrum. The patented control system in Therasauna® consistently reaches the 9.4 micron output level - the most beneficial range for absorption in the human body. Comfort and Design TheraSauna® is handcrafted from the highest grade aspen hardwood, which is 99% non-toxic and non-allergenic. The design combines beauty and functionality with the look of fine furniture. Safety TheraSauna® carries worldwide approvals including ETL and CE, which are major safety testing agencies. Control The Therasauna® MPS Touchview control is the most advanced infrared sauna operating system available in the industry. This control system allows for greater flexibility in programming zones and customization for 2 users. The MPS touchview control can adjust the infrared micron range and output for each TheraMitter™ zone. Each person in the sauna can set their controls to the power level they most prefer. Zone control allows you to program your personal comfort level settings ranging from 1-15 for each zone. Efficiency Other saunas turn off after reaching their set convection air temperature, losing air temperature and ceasing production of far infrared. The Therasauna`s® computer system has 8 different pre-selected power settings. Every two minutes, the computer scrolls through the spectrum and delivers near, middle and far infrared waves for maximum benefits. Advanced Programming The MPS touchview control system offers advanced 7-day programmable controls, allowing you to pre-program the desired time your sauna will turn on to preheat. For your convenience, Auto Run 1 and Auto Run 2 allow for two completely different schedule programs to be utilized. Ease of Installation You can put your Therasauna together yourself.You don`t need any special installation - just a 110 volt outlet! Low Operating Costs Using your Therasauna only costs pennies in operating costs. It is ready to go in 5 minutes and is much more efficient than a traditional steam sauna, and heats faster than the carbon fiber infrared heaters. The far infrared heat penetrates deep into the body up to 2 inches - unlike traditional saunas where the air only heats the surface of your skin. We now offer medical grade infrared sauna sessions! Complimentary first use or combined with massage! Just in time for taxtime! Please share this with your friends and family! We look forward to serving you and your loved ones! To schedule an appointment please text 775-771-3881, or 775-577-4700 Bless your hearts from all of us at Massage Namaste!